6-Sep-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Gracie is a gray calico kitten. She is gentle, sweet, and sweet. She is a little shy and has to warm up to new people. She is approx 6-8 weeks old.
6-Sep-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Pepper appeared about 3 mnths ago in our yard. She is a young female. She was pregnant when she arrived and has sense had a litter of 3 kittens. Pepper is a great cat. We are trying to find her a nice home.
6-Sep-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Tag is a male kitten between 6-8 weeks of age. He likes adults more than kids and can be somewhat reserved at 1st. He enjoys playing outside.
6-Sep-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Tiger loves to be petted. He is playful and likes children. Tiger is about 6-8 weeks old.He is healthy and well socialized.
8-Aug-2018Alexandria, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
I have had this cat for over twelve years. She is very docile and loving. I have treated her like my child, but i am no longer able to properly show affection and care for her. I also have two other cats. Tiffany is six years old, and Angel is three years old. I have all of their shots and records up to date. I am looking for a loving, caring home for each 1 of them.
8-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Grayson was dumped by her previous owners on a very busy road while she was still in heat. She luckily found her way to a home full of animal lovers and rescuers. She loves any and all people. However, dogs and other cats make her very nervous. She loves to be outside, but has been an inside cat since giving birth to three fluff balls in June, which means she is litterbox trained. Adorable Gray...
8-Aug-2018Alexandria, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Charmander was found abandoned at our church. He was starving and lonely. My son agreed to foster him. He is now ready for his loving forever home. Charmander is loving and playful.
8-Aug-2018Alexandria, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Kit Kat showed up about a year ago and I brought her into my home. She is a really affectionate Kitty and she gets along with my dogs but I have tried to find her a home as I am moving shortly and the relative I will be staying with is allergic to cats. I will post a picture later this afternoon. She uses the litterbox and is docile. She loves to cuddle.
We have three kittens to get rid of, they are all house trained and litter trained, not outside kittens they have been inside since birth all have nice personalities and are really cute, need to go to good home will accept nothing less. two are litter mates 1 was a stray all have seen veterinarian and got checked out
Emergency Cat Rescue Needed. four wild kittens and small mama cat hiding under the porch. There was another but the dog killed it yesterday. I had to hold it while it suffered and the bury it. I love animals and can't do 4 more kittens this way. I have caught them all. I have been feeding the mama so she could nurse, but they are too big now. I don't want them to be put to sleep, but I will bef...
8-Aug-2018Alexandria, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Bean is the cat with the black her nose! She has a funny personality. She likes to be outside and explore. Very smart and aware of her surroundings. Has the sweetest little squeak instead of a meow! Extra lovable disposition. She was rescued from the Baton Rouge flood when she was just a kitten and would be a lovable addition to any home!
8-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
My sister found this kitten in her church parking lot and asked me to take care of it. I cannot provide what it needs, I m having to keep it in my tiny bathroom separate from my other 2 cats. She s had her 1st round of shots, dewormed, flea meds, antibiotic, ringworm meds. She had ringworm but has been on the meds for almost a week and shouldn t be contagious. I m about to start working nights ...
8-Aug-2018Deville, LA+20 milesCats for Sale
She is missing a back leg due to an injury as a kitten but it does not stop her from getting around and playing She s a lovable cat and loves to be held and petted
30 minutes agoPineville, LA+14 milesAnimals and Pets
Elos is an owner surrender. His family was heartbroken,but they were thinking of Elos. He was with them for six months and their other cat never accepted him and terrorized him. Elos is a big, fluffy, lump of timid kitty. He is very laid back and prefe...
10-Sep-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesAnimals and Pets
Karmen is a cute kitten, but she is going to be a beautiful cat when she grows up. she is everything you want in a kitten! Karmen is active, cute, and affectionate. She loves sitting in windows and soaking up the sun. High places are her favorite ...
Benton is a stunning bobtail tabby. This little girl adores toys with feathers, balls, and any toy 1 of her siblings is playing with. She is quite bashful and not for the 1st time cat parent. It is going to take her a while to settle into her new...
19-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Cleo's favorite time of day is meal time. She will sit by her empty bowl and give you 'the look' until you fill her bowl. She adores sunny windows and bird watching. A typical cat, Cleo will take a few days to settle in. Once she knows she is home, s...
16-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Sleek, elegant, and simply stunning are the best words to describe this lovely black cat. Pashmina's coat shimmers in the sunshine when she is taking in the world from her favorite windowsill. She is enjoying living the great life. She has come a l...
11-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesAnimals and Pets
Mike think's he's as big as Mike the Tiger. He may not be as big, but he sure is fast. Mike loves to run and chase toys. He bats them around and then sneaks up and pounces on them. This very playful and vocal kitten is great with other cats, dogs, and...
11-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Midas is a good explorer! He is the exemplar of the curios cat. You'll need to keep an eye on this little dynamo. He will run all over the house and play with every and anything. Midas will keep you amused with his antics, but will also win your hea...
Blythe came to us from a hoarding situation. She was one of 29 cats in the home. The 1st two days in her foster home she was hiding and terrified. 2 weeks later she is full of play and mischief and into everything. Blythe loves pets and exploring. ...
6-Aug-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Cassidy's history with CCP. Everyone at the veterinarian clinic is on love with this cat. Despite everything all she wants is affection. We were messaged about 3 months ago about a stray injured cat. Her leg was obviously injured. We took her in and she w...
13-Jul-2018Pineville, LA+14 milesCats for Sale
Mimosa is a shy girl. It will take a while for her to settle in, but when she does she is quite affectionate, snuggly, and playful. The lovely indoor only girl came to us from a cat hoarding situation. That is why it will take a while for her to se...
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